Altman Out: OpenAI Co-Founder Won't Return, Emmett Shear Becomes Interim CEO

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman will not resume his role as CEO, and Emmett Shear, Twitch co-founder, has been named the new interim CEO, replacing Mira Murati.

Altman Out: OpenAI Co-Founder Won't Return, Emmett Shear Becomes Interim CEO

The high-stakes negotiations over the weekend at OpenAI have culminated in a decisive outcome: Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI, will not be returning as its CEO. This decision, communicated by co-founder and board director Ilya Sutskever to the staff on Sunday night, puts an end to the speculations and efforts by the company’s executives and top investors to reinstate him.

Emmett Shear, the co-founder of the popular video streaming site Twitch, has been appointed as the interim CEO, replacing Mira Murati, who briefly held the position following Altman's ouster and had been pushing for Altman's reinstatement after his controversial firing on Friday.

The board's decision to not reinstate Altman could exacerbate the crisis that began with his sudden ouster and the removal of President Greg Brockman from the board on Friday. Brockman's subsequent resignation, followed by the departure of three senior researchers, has raised concerns about a potential exodus to rival companies like Google and to new ventures, including one that Altman has been exploring since his firing.

OpenAI will now seek to move forward with new interim leadership, but restoring faith in vision and governance poses challenges amid the tumultuous power struggle

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