"Created by Humans" Want to Help Creators get Paid When AI Uses Their Work

"Created by Humans" Want to Help Creators get Paid When AI Uses Their Work

Trip Adler, the founder of Scribd, has a new mission: making sure AI companies pay creators fairly for using their work. His new platform, Created by Humans, aims to solve a growing problem in the AI world - how to compensate the people whose content trains AI models.

"We're at a turning point," Adler says. "Either creators stop making art because they can't afford to, or we find a way for AI to support them. I want to see a future where great minds keep dreaming and pushing humanity forward."

Created by Humans will let writers, artists, and other creatives license their work directly to AI companies. It's designed to be simple: creators can easily sign up and get paid when AI uses their content. The platform handles all the complex legal stuff, making it straightforward for both creators and AI firms.

Adler and his co-founders, Edward Igushev and Jen Singerman, aren't just thinking about money. They've come up with something called "The Fourth Law" - a set of principles for how AI should interact with human creativity. It covers things like getting permission, giving credit, and making sure humans stay in control.

The idea is catching on. Created by Humans has raised $5 million from investors, including some big names in tech including David Sacks, Garry Tan and Walter Isaacson. They're starting with authors and publishers, but they plan to expand its services to include artists, photographers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and influencers across various industries.

This matters because AI is changing fast, and many creators are worried. Will AI make their skills obsolete? Will it steal their work? Created by Humans is trying to find a middle ground where both AI and human creativity can thrive.

It's an ambitious goal, and there are still lots of questions. Will enough creators and AI companies sign up? Can they navigate the tricky legal issues? But for now, Created by Humans offers a glimmer of hope in the often tense relationship between AI and human creators.

Chris McKay is the founder and chief editor of Maginative. His thought leadership in AI literacy and strategic AI adoption has been recognized by top academic institutions, media, and global brands.

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