eBay Launches AI-Powered 'Shop the Look' Feature

eBay Launches AI-Powered 'Shop the Look' Feature

eBay is stepping up its fashion game with the introduction of 'Shop the Look', a new AI-powered feature designed to offer personalized outfit recommendations to style-conscious shoppers. Available now on iOS for US and UK customers, this immersive shopping experience leverages generative AI to curate looks tailored to each user's unique fashion preferences.

Drawing from the user's shopping history, 'Shop the Look' presents a carousel of outfits complete with interactive hotspots that reveal similar items and style inspirations. The feature aims to evolve with the customer's tastes over time, ensuring a consistently tailored fashion experience. "We designed shop the look to evolve with the tastes of our customers by taking cues from their shopping habits," eBay stated in their announcement.

eBay's vast inventory, spanning both new and pre-owned apparel and luxury items, provides the foundation for these personalized recommendations. The company's decades of data, customer insights, and billions of images enrich the AI technology behind 'Shop the Look', enabling the creation of truly bespoke shopping experiences.

Beyond personalization, 'Shop the Look' serves as a gateway to the world of fashion, connecting shoppers with the latest trends and timeless pieces. "It's an opportunity for shoppers to explore fashion items that will integrate naturally with their existing wardrobes," eBay noted.

The feature also aims to boost shopping confidence by allowing users to visualize how potential additions will complement their current wardrobe. This aligns with eBay's broader efforts to foster a circular fashion economy through initiatives like Authenticity Guarantee, Certified by Brand, and eBay consignment.

'Shop the Look' will be available to shoppers who have viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days, appearing on both the eBay homepage and fashion landing page. The company plans to expand the feature to other categories and continuously enhance it with new personalization elements over the next year. An Android version is set to launch later this year.

eBay joins the industry trend of integrating AI into the fashion shopping experience. While Google and Amazon have introduced AI-driven virtual try-ons and sizing assistance, eBay's focus on fashion inspiration and personal style sets it apart. "Shop the Look" empowers users to discover their unique fashion identity, fostering a deeper engagement with their platform.

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