Google Announces Gemini for Workspace

Google Announces Gemini for Workspace

Google announced the launch of Gemini integration with Workspace, the company's portfolio of productivity and collaboration tools for businesses. This integration provides users access to Gemini, Google's conversational AI agent, directly within popular Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet.

Two pricing tiers are available: Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise. Gemini Business starts at $20 per user/month and offers core capabilities like using Gemini to help draft emails or documents. Gemini Enterprise starts at $30 per user/month, provides more advanced features like AI meetings with translated captions in 15+ languages and higher usage limits. Existing Duet AI Enterprise customers will be upgraded to the Enterprise version automatically.

A key highlight of Gemini for Workspace is a new standalone web chat experience using Gemini 1.0 Ultra, Google's most advanced publicly-available AI model. This chat tool allows users to query Gemini conversationally to assist with tasks like data analysis, content creation and more. This is akin to using ChatGPT 4.

Google emphasized the chat experience offers additional enterprise data protections, ensuring user conversations remain private and are not used for advertising or AI training purposes without consent.

The launch delivers on growing business demand for AI tools that enhance productivity. Google says 88% of Google Workspace SMB customers want to utilize generative AI for data analysis, task management and other responsibilities. Integrating conversational abilities into the apps teams already use streamlines access.

While focused on functionality, Google avoided overpromising. Marketing language emphasized Gemini as an "assistant" rather than using grander claims about revolutionizing work. This grounds the announcement in practical benefits for early adopters.

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