Greptile Raises $4.1M to Create an AI Expert for your Codebase

Greptile Raises $4.1M to Create an AI Expert for your Codebase

Greptile, a startup that provides an AI-powered API for understanding large codebases, has recently announced a $4.1 million seed funding round. The round was led by Initialized Capital, with participation from Y Combinator and angel investors Rich Aberman and J.J. Fliegelman.

Greptile's founders, Daksh Gupta, Vaishant Kameswaran, and Soohoon Choi, started with a simple yet powerful question, "Can AI be taught to answer complex questions about codebases in plain English?" Their idea, born at a hackathon last year, has quickly gained traction, and they were accepted into the Y Combinator Winter 24 batch.

Greptile cofounders, (left) Vaishant Kameswaran, Soohoon Choi, Daksh Gupta (right)

Greptile now serves over 500 customers, including individuals, teams, and organizations. Their unique value proposition? An AI chatbot that goes beyond simple code generation, aiming to truly understand large codebases and provide context-aware insights.

Most AI tools in the developer space focus on generating code—think GitHub Copilot, Codeium, and Tabnine. Greptile took a different path. Instead of just generating code, they built an AI that helps developers understand the codebase itself. This is crucial because, as any software engineer will tell you, managing and making changes to a large codebase is one of the toughest parts of the job.

Here’s where Greptile shines. Their AI is designed to treat codebases not just as a series of files, but as interconnected graphs of functions, classes, files, and directories. This makes the AI much better at providing relevant context and understanding complex code structures.

The Greptile team recognized that providing LLMs with the right context was the central problem in AI development tools. They observed that codebases are not merely a series of source files but highly connected graphs of functions, classes, files, and directories. To address this challenge, the team spent nine months building a RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) system optimized for codebases.

Greptile's API allows developers to connect their repositories and build custom applications based on AI-driven queries. Users can ask questions about their codebase in natural language, such as "How does the authentication work in this codebase?" The API then provides context-aware answers, leveraging its understanding of the codebase structure.

On its website, Greptile showcases various examples of how customers are leveraging its API to build practical solutions. One such solution is a PR Auto-Reviewer, a code review bot that provides instant, context-aware comments on pull requests, helping to catch issues that human reviewers might overlook. Another example is the Slack Expert, which allows developers to ask code-related questions directly within Slack, ensuring quick, accurate answers where they already communicate.

Example of Greptile providing code review

Initialized Capital's managing partner, Brett Gibson, expressed enthusiasm for the investment, stating, "Code intelligence is most valuable when it's directly in the context where you need it – not stuck in a chat interface. Greptile's is not only the best intelligence/search we've seen, but it's also packaged for developers to build in the contexts that make the most sense. We'll likely see entirely new applications arise from this."

With this new funding, Greptile plans to continue expanding its operations and refining its AI technology. The company's vision is to provide software teams with the tools to build custom AI developer tools tailored to their specific needs.

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