IBM Launches watsonx Marketing Campaign

IBM Launches watsonx Marketing Campaign
Image Credit: IBM

IBM is doubling down on artificial intelligence with a new ad campaign spotlighting how its watsonx platform can be a game-changer for enterprises. Designed to clarify the tangible benefits of AI in the enterprise landscape, the campaign aims to provide a coherent message for global business leaders navigating the often opaque world of AI.

The tech giant released two ads promoting watsonx, "The Right AI" and "Transforming Business". The campaign aims to underscore the importance of bespoke AI solutions versus one-size-fits-all. IBM emphasizes that watsonx allows customers to create customized AI trained on their own data and adapted to their specific business objectives.

Narrated by Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated actor and producer Oscar Isaac, the multimedia spots showcase potential use cases where watsonx solutions lead to transformative outcomes - like accelerating customer response times, boosting HR workflows, and supercharging code generation.

IBM is positioning watsonx as the ideal AI partner for companies looking to tap the power of next-gen AI while addressing concerns around privacy and security. watsonx provides access to IBM's proprietary foundation models as well as thousands of open-source models from Hugging Face. IBM assures that client data used to train or fine-tune AI models is not retained or repurposed for any extraneous purposes or to benefit other entities—a clear nod to ongoing debates around data sovereignty and ethical AI use.

The tech company is betting this differentiated value proposition will persuade enterprises struggling to derive value from AI investments. By spotlighting watsonx's expansive use cases and security features, IBM is working to reinforce its brand as an AI partner enterprises can trust.

The company faces stiff competition from other cloud providers aggressively expanding their AI offerings. OpenAI recently launched it's fine-tuning API, and just today announced ChatGPT for Enterprise. But, IBM believes watsonx's focus on customization, flexibility, and commitment to data privacy sets it apart.

The new spots, created with agency Ogilvy, debut today during the US Open and will run through out the year. IBM will promote the campaign across broadcast, digital, social media and out-of-home platforms as it looks to drive adoption of watsonx.

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