Meta Introduces More Generative AI Tools for Advertisers

Meta Introduces More Generative AI Tools for Advertisers

Meta is enhancing its suite of generative AI tools for advertisers, adding capabilities that significantly broaden the scope of creative ad variations. These updates, which build on the features first introduced last October, now enable advertisers to generate complete image variations and fancy text overlays.

Meta’s New Generative AI Features for Advertisers Boost Creativity and Performance
The new capabilities allow advertisers to easily generate multiple variations of ad images and text. This helps them tailor campaigns for its different platforms and audiences while saving significant time and resources.

Previously, Meta's AI tools allowed for the alteration of backgrounds within ad images. The latest rollout, however, extends this functionality to include full image variations. This means advertisers can now transform the entire visual presentation of ads, not just the backdrop. For instance, a simple ad depicting a coffee cup can be reimagined to show the cup in various settings, like a lush coffee farm, potentially with different angles and colors of the cup itself.

Meta is also introducing text overlay capabilities, offering a dozen popular font typefaces for advertisers to choose from. Additionally, the image expansion feature, which adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios, is now available on Reels and Feed across both Instagram and Facebook, and can work seamlessly with text overlays.

On the text generation front, Meta's AI can now create variations for ad headlines, in addition to the primary text. The company is testing the ability for the generated text to reflect a brand's voice and tone based on previous campaigns and text input.

These updated generative AI features will be available in Ads Manager through Advantage+ creative, aiming to provide faster ad creation and better performance. Meta plans to roll out these features globally by the end of the year.

These tools are part of Meta's broader strategy to automate and optimize ad creation across its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. With features like image expansion and text overlay now integrated across multiple content formats such as Reels and Feed, advertisers can adapt their creative assets more efficiently to suit different digital environments.

Alongside the AI updates, Meta is expanding its subscription service, Meta Verified for businesses, to new markets including Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. The service will offer four subscription plans, all including a verified badge, account support, and impersonation monitoring, with higher tiers offering additional benefits.

By the end of the year, all the updated generative AI features are expected to be available globally, marking a significant enhancement in how advertisers can create and manage their ad content on Meta's platforms.

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