Microsoft Copilot Now Lets You Create Full Songs With Lyrics, Instrumentals, and Voices

Microsoft Copilot Now Lets You Create Full Songs With Lyrics, Instrumentals, and Voices
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Microsoft has partnered with leading AI music startup Suno to bring seamless, personalized song creation capabilities to users through Copilot, its AI programming assistant. With this integration, anyone can now turn ideas into full audio compositions complete with lyrics, instruments, and vocals using simple text prompts, without needing musical experience or expertise.

Suno has been at the forefront of AI-generated music, using advanced machine learning models to produce complete songs from just a sentence of text. However, up to now, you had to use Discord to create songs with Suno. By tapping into Suno's groundbreaking platform, Microsoft is placing these sophisticated tools into the hands of the everyday user.

Example of a long length song generated with Suno

Copilot users can now fulfill musical visions, translating thoughts and concepts into tailored tunes. According to Microsoft, the partnership will "open new horizons for creativity and fun, making music creation accessible to everyone."

Through the Suno plugin available on Copilot, users can generate a variety of songs across genres using natural language cues.

To begin, users simply enable the Suno extension within Copilot and input a text prompt such as "Create an upbeat hip hop song about summer fun." Suno's AI will then produce a full composition conveying the desired theme.

This simplicity allows anyone to explore their musical ideas, using Copilot and Suno as creative partner. Songs can be made just for fun or perhaps even polished into compelling works.

Suno, based in Cambridge, MA, is composed of a small team of musicians and AI experts. Their background includes experience working at tech giants like Meta, TikTok, and Kensho. This diverse expertise fuels their mission to build a future where music creation is accessible to all.

While AI music creation is still an emerging space, tools like Suno signal a future where melody and rhythm are available on-demand. As these models continue improving, the barriers between conception and realization may dissolve across creative domains.

For now, Copilot users have an expressway into instant song production unlocked through this collaboration. The partnership provides an early glimpse into the artistic potential being rapidly unlocked by AI. Enabling more people to create more music may soon be just a prompt away. The rollout of this experience starts today and will gradually expand over the coming weeks

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