Microsoft Delays Controversial Recall Feature for Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft Delays Controversial Recall Feature for Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft has announced that its new Copilot+ PCs, launching next week, will be missing their much-anticipated headlining AI feature, Recall. The software giant is holding back the release of Recall, which was originally slated for June 18, to address security and privacy concerns.

What is Recall?

Unveiled last month, Recall is an AI-powered feature that acts like a digital diary, allowing users to search and retrieve anything they've seen or done on their PC. It does this by periodically taking screenshots and saving them to disk, creating a visual timeline that users can scroll through. While this feature may seem like a dream come true for those who struggle to find files, it has also raised serious red flags among security and privacy experts.

Security and Privacy Concerns

The main concern with Recall is the potential risk to sensitive user data. Initially, the feature was set to be enabled by default, capturing and storing snapshots without additional encryption or protection. This meant that any user or attacker with access to the PC could view and copy this data. In response, Microsoft has made Recall an opt-in feature and has committed to adding extra security measures, including extra encryption and user authentication through Windows Hello.

A Setback for Copilot+ PCs

The delay of Recall is a significant blow to the launch of Copilot Plus PCs, which were heavily marketed around this exclusive AI feature. While Microsoft has stated that Recall will be added in a future Windows update, no timeframe has been given, leaving new PC owners without one of the key features that may have driven their purchase.

A Win for Responsible AI Deployment

Despite the setback, Microsoft's decision to delay Recall demonstrates its commitment to responsible AI deployment. By prioritizing security and privacy concerns, the company is ensuring that its customers can trust and feel confident in their products. This move aligns with Microsoft's recent initiatives, such as the Secure Future Initiative (SFI) and the inclusion of security in employee performance reviews.

What's Next for Recall?

For now, Recall will go through the standard Windows Insider Program pipeline for testing and validation. While no specific date has been given for its release, Microsoft has stated that it will provide an update when Recall becomes available for preview. The company is encouraging users to provide feedback during this process to ensure that Recall meets their expectations for quality and security.

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