Notion Unveils AI-Powered Q&A to Instantly Answer Questions About Your Notes

Notion Unveils AI-Powered Q&A to Instantly Answer Questions About Your Notes
Image Credit: Maginative

Notion, the popular all-in-one workspace app for notes, documents, and databases, has released a new AI feature called Q&A. Q&A allows users to get instant answers to questions by querying information stored across their Notion workspaces.

In a blog post, the company touted Q&A as their "most exciting Notion AI feature yet." Q&A aims to reduce time spent searching for information within Notion, allowing users to stay focused on their core work.

Notion Q&A uses AI to quickly surface relevant answers using data within a user's workspace. For example, new employees could get up to speed by asking Q&A to summarize critical documents instead of digging through files themselves.

Q&A can be accessed in several ways:

  • Via Notion's search bar by typing a question and selecting "Ask AI anything"
  • Clicking the sparkle icon on the bottom right corner of any page
  • Using a keyboard shortcut outside Notion to query info without leaving your current app

Importantly, the feature only pulls data from pages the user has access to, keeping permissions in mind.

The Notion AI add-on that enables the new Q&A capability can be added to any paid Notion plan for $8 per member per month if billed annually, or $10 per member per month if billed monthly. For those on Notion's Free plan, the AI add-on is $10 per member per month. The add-on provides unlimited usage of Q&A, as well as Notion's existing writing assistant and database autofill features.

For workspaces that purchased the AI add-on prior to November 6, 2023, the Q&A feature is available immediately at no extra charge. Those who have not yet bought the add-on can request beta access to test Q&A's capabilities with a limited number of free responses before deciding whether to purchase.

Notion says it designed Q&A to seamlessly integrate into workflows without causing disruptions. The goal is to reduce time spent on "work-about-work" like hunting for information.

Early access users like HR platform Remote have seen query times reduced from 10 minutes to mere seconds with Q&A's AI capabilities. This allows workers to focus on core tasks instead of information finding.

Q&A is currently in open beta and will be rolled out to all Notion workspaces over the coming days. It can be added to any paid Notion plan for an additional $8-$10 per month. The launch represents Notion's ongoing efforts to build AI that meaningfully augments human work.

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