OpenAI will pay you up to $20,000 to Find and Report Bugs

The company is inviting the public to help it ensure that their AI systems are safe and secure by launching a Bug Bounty Program in partnership with Bugcrowd.

OpenAI will pay you up to $20,000 to Find and Report Bugs
Image Credit: OpenAI

The program invites ethical hackers and security researchers from around the world to help identify vulnerabilities in OpenAI's AI systems. In recognition of the critical importance of security, OpenAI is offering cash rewards for qualifying vulnerability information. The rewards range from $200 for low-severity findings to up to $20,000 for exceptional discoveries.

‍The Bug Bounty Program is a crucial step towards building a safer and more secure future for everyone. As AI technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the consequences of a security breach could be catastrophic. From healthcare applications to autonomous vehicles, AI technology has the potential to impact every aspect of our lives. Ensuring that these systems are secure is paramount, and that's why OpenAI is partnering with the security research community to identify vulnerabilities and address them before they can be exploited.

The partnership with Bugcrowd will manage the submission and reward process, ensuring a streamlined experience for all participants. Detailed guidelines and rules for participation are available on the BugCrowd website. OpenAI believes that transparency and collaboration are crucial to addressing vulnerabilities and flaws that can emerge in any complex technology.

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