PwC Signs Major Deal with OpenAI, Becoming ChatGPT's Largest Enterprise Customer

PwC Signs Major Deal with OpenAI, Becoming ChatGPT's Largest Enterprise Customer

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has announced a major partnership with OpenAI, with a deal to roll out ChatGPT Enterprise to 100,000 employees. The agreement will also make PwC the largest customer and first reseller of OpenAI's enterprise product, ChatGPT Enterprise.

PwC will offer ChatGPT Enterprise to its 75,000 US and 26,000 UK employees. This totals over 100,000 licenses for the AI product, with potential to expand globally to 328,000 employees. This represents a substantial boost to OpenAI's existing 600,000 enterprise users, which already includes 93% of Fortune 500 companies.

OpenAI Sees Surging Demand for Enterprise as ChatGPT Adoption Soars
ChatGPT Enterprise now boasts over 600,000 users, a remarkable increase from the 150,000 users in January.

It's part of PwC's previously announced $1 billion investment in generative AI over three years. PwC has been training its staff to use AI, building its own AI tools, and updating its consulting platform and operations with AI. This deal is an evolution of those efforts, but also an opportunity to pass on firsthand learnings to its clients.

Bret Greenstein, partner and "generative AI leader" at PwC, emphasized that this move is not about replacing jobs but about growing the business without needing to add more people. PwC has already seen a 20-40% increase in productivity among employees using its existing ChatPwC tool, built on OpenAI's GPT-4 model.

For OpenAI, this partnership represents a significant step in its enterprise sales efforts. Richard Hasslacher, OpenAI's global head of alliances and partnerships, noted that PwC is the first partner they are "leaning into in this way," both as a customer and a reseller.

Of course, as companies seek to leverage this technology, consulting firms like PwC are positioning themselves as key partners in this digital transformation journey. Other top consulting firms like Accenture, KPMG and Ernst & Young are also heavily billions in generative AI.

While the specific pricing details were not shared, it's clear that generative AI represents a major growth opportunity for both technology providers like OpenAI and consulting firms like PwC. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more such partnerships aimed at bringing the power of AI to enterprises worldwide.

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