SurveyMonkey Bets on AI to Boost Online Survey Creation

SurveyMonkey Bets on AI to Boost Online Survey Creation
Image Credit: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey has unveiled new generative AI features aimed at streamlining and improving the online survey creation process. The launch highlights the company's push to leverage AI to differentiate its digital survey tools in a crowded market.

The main addition is a capability called "Build with AI" that uses natural language processing to automatically generate survey questionnaires. Users simply describe their survey goals and target demographics in a short prompt. SurveyMonkey's AI then suggests relevant questions and answer choices to create a custom survey draft in seconds.

According to the company, the new tool significantly cuts survey creation time by reducing a process that could take hours down to minutes. It also suggests effective questions while users build surveys.

Industry data powers SurveyMonkey's AI. The company has amassed extensive insights into survey best practices from 25 years of use. This data trained the machine learning algorithms underlying features like Build with AI.

Other new capabilities announced Wednesday include:

  • Question & Answer Genius, which auto-populates balanced answer choices for questions to reduce bias.
  • Survey Score, which reviews draft surveys and offers improvements to structure and questions to optimize completion rate.
  • Sentiment analysis, using NLP to categorize open-ended responses as positive, neutral or negative.

The launch comes amid intense competition in the online survey space. Rival tools like Typeform, Google Forms, and Qualtrics offer overlapping features for creating digital questionnaires.

By baking in new generative AI capabilities, SurveyMonkey hopes to pull ahead of competitors. The company plans to eventually expand the AI's capabilities to generate tailored recommendations for individual users based on past surveys.

For now, the additions provide automated expertise for fast, DIY survey building - an advantage that could appeal to SurveyMonkey's base of over 20 million active users.

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