TIME Partners with ElevenLabs to Narrate Articles With AI

TIME Partners with ElevenLabs to Narrate Articles With AI

TIME has partnered with ElevenLabs to add AI-generated audio to its digital platform. Now readers will be listen to select articles on TIME.com using ElevenLabs' Audio Native technology.

TIME's CTO Burhan Hamid led the initiative after connecting with ElevenLabs in March 2023. "Their technology is making our content more engaging and accessible," Hamid said.

ElevenLabs Unveils Audio Native: Automated, Human-like Narration for Websites
Audio Native uses ElevenLabs’ text-to-speech technology to create an automated voiceover for any article, blog, or newsletter. The player is customizable, allowing users to select a default voice, customize the player’s appearance, and even add a pronunciation dictionary for unique brand terms.

This aligns with TIME's recent efforts to broaden its reach. In 2023, the publication removed its paywall, believing that everyone should have access to trusted information. Now, by adding audio options, TIME aims to make its journalism available to an even wider audience. Earlier today, the magazine also announced a strategic partnership with OpenAI.

OpenAI and Time Magazine Announce Strategic Content Partnership
OpenAI has inked a deal with TIME magazine, adding another media heavyweight to its growing list of content partners. The agreement gives OpenAI access to TIME’s entire archive - over 100 years of journalism - to enhance its AI products, including ChatGPT. This partnership is the latest in a series

ElevenLabs' Audio Native does more than just read text aloud. It offers human-like narration, custom voices, and can even handle brand-specific pronunciations. TIME will also get access to a dashboard tracking listener engagement.

The partnership signals a shift in how digital content might be consumed in the future. As AI technology improves, we could see more publishers offering audio versions of their articles. In fact, we at Maginative have also integrated Audio Native into select articles on our platform.

TIME's adoption of this technology could open up its journalism to new readers, including those with visual impairments or learning differences. It's another example of how the iconic magazine continues to adapt to changes in media consumption.

For now, it doesn't seem like a significant number of articles on time.com have integrated the player. However, as they roll out this feature, it'll be worth watching how readers respond. Will listening to articles become as common as reading them?

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