Typeface Unveils Multimodal Brand Kit to Ensure Consistency in AI-Generated Content

Typeface Unveils Multimodal Brand Kit to Ensure Consistency in AI-Generated Content
Image Credit: Typeface

Typeface, a startup developing enterprise marketing solutions for the enterprise has announced the launch of its multimodal Brand Kit. This allows companies to maintain brand consistency when generating AI content, and functions as a central hub binding together all the elements defining a company's brand, including tone, values, visuals, and more.

Businesses can define custom "Image Styles" by providing examples reflecting colors, textures, and compositions aligned with their brand. Typeface's AI will learn from these images to replicate the appropriate visual identity. Users can also define "Text Styles" by providing examples demonstrating their brand voice, including values and tone descriptors. This ensures the AI-generated content uses a consistent company voice, no matter who writes them.

In addition to the Brand Kit, Typeface has also released templates enabling users to effortlessly adapt video, audio, and text content into multiple formats.

YouTube Blend and Vimeo Blend convert recorded videos into written summaries suitable for blogs, email newsletters, and other applications. Meanwhile, Podcast Blend turns audio podcast episodes into text excerpts that can be shared on social media or curated into thought leadership articles.

These new templates allow creators to easily reuse and repurpose content, increasing efficiency. Applying them in conjunction with the Brand Kit streamlines multichannel brand storytelling.

With its new multimodal capabilities and templates, Typeface aims to simplify AI content creation while preserving brand identity across all formats. Companies can now centralize their brand persona and maximize content reuse to boost productivity.

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