Wondercraft's New Parrot Mode Gives Creators Control over AI-Generated Audio Production

Wondercraft's New Parrot Mode Gives Creators Control over AI-Generated Audio Production

Wondercraft, the AI-powered audio studio, has launched a new feature called "Parrot Mode" that gives creators fine-grained control over their audio productions. The feature allows users to direct AI voices by demonstrating how they want lines to be delivered—like a creative director would.

When working with an actor to record lines, sometimes it's not enough to describe how you want something to be said. You need to actually show them. It may be a specific word that needs to stressed, or a change in pacing, or a certain emotion. That's what you get with Parrot Mode. I really like this, and the implementation is brilliant.

Once the AI has generated audio for your script, you simply select a segment and record your own voice to demonstrate your creative vision. The AI will then try to replicate your unique style in its own voice. This level of control over the output of AI-generated content is crucial for creators—and I hope it's embraced in other products.

Wondercraft Raises $3 Million Seed Funding
Since its beta launch last year, the startup has already attracted over 30,000 early users and already powers many of the biggest titles in podcasting.

Oskar Serrander, co-founder at Wondercraft, emphasized the significance of "Parrot Mode" for audio advertisers and creators, stating that it's a "game-changer" that minimizes time-consuming feedback loops and allows brands to achieve their desired results without compromising on quality.

In addition to "Parrot Mode," Wondercraft is continuing to build out tooling for professional workflows. They are introducing "Workspaces," a shared space to collaborate across teams and external stakeholders like clients. In a Workspace, users can share scripts, provide real-time feedback, and upload custom voices, music, and pronunciations, streamlining the creative audio production workflow.

Wondercraft has also expanded its audio resources, adding over 200 new voices covering more than fifty language accent pairs and hundreds of new music tracks. Serrander stresses the company's vision of offering endless creative options to brands and creators, aiming to make audio creation as accessible and cost-efficient as visual design.

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