AMD Unveils Ryzen Pro 8000 Series: Bringing AI and High-Performance Computing to Business PCs

AMD Unveils Ryzen Pro 8000 Series: Bringing AI and High-Performance Computing to Business PCs

AMD has taken a significant stride in the race for AI-powered business computing with the launch of its Ryzen Pro 8040 series mobile processors and Ryzen Pro 8000 series desktop processors. These cutting-edge chips, built on advanced 4-nanometer technology, promise to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency for professional users.

The Ryzen Pro 8040 series, designed for laptops and mobile workstations, boasts up to eight high-performance cores and the "Zen 4" architecture, offering a substantial 30% performance boost for demanding applications compared to the previous generation. Select models also feature AMD Ryzen AI, leveraging the CPU, GPU, and a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) to provide enhanced AI processing capabilities. This translates to faster, more efficient performance in AI-enabled tasks like video conferencing, outpacing Intel's Core Ultra 7 165U by 72% in speed and 84% in power efficiency.

On the desktop front, AMD's Ryzen Pro 8000 series introduces the world's first AI-enabled business desktop processor. Equipped with up to eight "Zen 4" cores and a leading 4nm process, these chips set a new standard for speed and efficiency in daily business operations. The Ryzen 7 Pro 8700G, for instance, demonstrates a 47% performance uplift and triple the graphics performance compared to Intel's Core i7 14700.

Beyond raw performance, the Ryzen Pro series incorporates advanced features to streamline IT management and bolster security. AMD Pro technologies enable enterprise-grade manageability, allowing IT managers to deploy systems up to 41% faster than competitors. The multi-layered security approach, spanning hardware, OS, and system levels, provides robust protection against sophisticated attacks. Moreover, the integration of Microsoft's Pluton security processor ensures safeguarding of sensitive data from chip to cloud.

As the AI landscape evolves, AMD is proactively partnering with software vendors to optimize AI experiences on Ryzen-powered systems. By the end of 2024, over 150 AI-powered ISVs are expected to enable seamless integration with Ryzen AI, empowering users with intelligent features like AI-assisted content creation, email management, and graphics enhancement.

Major OEMs like HP and Lenovo have already embraced AMD's latest offerings, announcing a range of commercial desktops, workstations, and laptops powered by Ryzen Pro processors. This collaborative effort aims to deliver AI readiness and creation capabilities to a wide spectrum of business users.

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AMD is not alone in its pursuit of the AI PC market. NVIDIA and Intel have also introduced AI-focused processors, and all three companies are vying for a piece of what analysts predict will be a substantial and growing market.

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