Anthropic's Claude 2 Now Available On Amazon Bedrock

Anthropic's Claude 2 Now Available On Amazon Bedrock
Image Credit: Anthropic

Anthropic announced today that its state-of-the-art conversational AI Claude 2, which it released in July, is now available on Amazon Bedrock. Claude 2, built using Anthropic's Constitutional AI approach, excels at nuanced dialogue, creative content generation, and complex reasoning.

Amazon Bedrock launched earlier this year with versions Claude 1.3 and Claude Instant among its initial offerings. The service has become a part of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) expanding portfolio, aimed at making AI not just accessible but manageable for business applications.

Several high-profile companies are already leveraging Claude 2 on Bedrock to power next-generation AI applications. LexisNexis, a global leader in legal information and analytics is tapping Claude 2's legal prowess to strengthen its AI-assisted legal services. Jeff Reihl, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at LexisNexis, emphasized the importance of data security and high-quality technical analysis in legal AI. According to Reihl, Claude 2, with its long context windows and fast output capabilities, fits seamlessly into LexisNexis’ broader AI strategy. Given the company's commitment to responsible AI development and its far-reaching customer base across 150 countries, Claude 2 seems well-suited to further elevate their AI-assisted legal services.

Another early adopter is Lonely Planet, the popular travel information provider. Lonely Planet is utilizing Claude 2's travel knowledge to help customers plan memorable trips by unlocking decades of travel content. Chris Whyde, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Data Science at Lonely Planet, expressed that Claude 2's scalability and reliability are key to making travel planning more accessible and personalized for their customers.

Ricoh USA, known for its digital transformation services and workplace solutions, is also tapping into Claude 2's prowess. With a focus on data integrity and customer security, Ricoh plans to use Claude 2 for generating high-quality training datasets. Claude 2's compliance with stringent data privacy standards like HIPAA and SOC II aligns with Ricoh’s own emphasis on customer security, making it an ideal choice for AI-driven operations.

The collaboration between Anthropic and Amazon Bedrock demonstrates how thoughtfully implemented generative AI can benefit diverse industries. As businesses increasingly seek to integrate AI into their operations, the availability of advanced models like Claude 2 on a scalable and secure platform may provide the necessary catalyst for wider, more responsible AI adoption. This is particularly critical at a time when organizations are under pressure to implement AI solutions that are not just innovative but also ethical and safe.

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