HubSpot Unveils New AI and Sales Tools to Help Businesses Scale

HubSpot Unveils New AI and Sales Tools to Help Businesses Scale

Earlier today at the INBOUND 2023 conference, HubSpot announced the launch of HubSpot AI, a suite of AI capabilities across its marketing, sales, and service products, along with a major update to Sales Hub. These new offerings aim to help small and midsize businesses capitalize on AI to improve connections with customers and drive growth.

HubSpot AI comprises the following:

  • AI Assistants: Generative AI tools to supercharge marketing, sales, and service teams. AI Assistants will work across the entire HubSpot platform to help teams draft content, create images, generate blog ideas, build websites, and develop reports—instantly.
  • AI Agents: A set of AI-enhanced tools that help businesses automate, respond to, and elevate their customer service across live chat and email. The first AI Agents will launch in early 2024.
  • AI Insights: Predictive AI features that unlock stronger analysis and recommendations, like AI-powered forecasting.
  • ChatSpot: Currently in public beta, ChatSpot combines the power of ChatGPT with dozens of unique data sources, like a HubSpot customer’s Smart CRM.

Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, cited the transformative potential of generative AI in reshaping customer expectations and offered that the company's AI features are designed to assist businesses in adapting to this paradigm shift. "We want to help our customers thrive in this age of intelligence with easy-to-use, powerful AI tools."

Alongside the AI features, HubSpot also unveiled a revamped Sales Hub aiming to streamline prospecting, lead management, and forecasting. New prospecting workspaces, lead routing, scheduling features, and integration with LinkedIn aim to help sales teams work smarter.

AI Forecasting, an advanced tool currently in private beta, utilizes predictive algorithms to project sales outcomes. Early testing reveals that the feature could enhance forecasting accuracy up to 95%. In addition, deal tags and insights will help sales representatives prioritize their deals efficiently.

The Sales Hub also facilitates seamless scheduling and handoffs, automating the qualification and routing of website leads to appropriate representatives. It further enhances HubSpot's integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and is expected to enter private beta later this month.

"The old model of just hiring more reps and adding point solutions no longer guarantees sales success," said Michael Walton, VP of Product for Sales Hub. "We redesigned Sales Hub as the modern platform sales teams need, boosting productivity while still building personal connections."

With buyers requiring more personalized and predictive sales experiences, HubSpot's latest innovations seek to provide SMBs accessible options to keep pace. By integrating AI and intelligence natively into its platform, the company wants to enable businesses to adapt to new technologies seamlessly. The announcements at INBOUND 2023 display HubSpot's focus on evolving its solutions to align with emerging customer needs.

Chris McKay is the founder and chief editor of Maginative. His thought leadership in AI literacy and strategic AI adoption has been recognized by top academic institutions, media, and global brands.

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