Typeface Brings Generative Extend Capabilities and More to its Enterprise Platform

Typeface Brings Generative Extend Capabilities and More to its Enterprise Platform
Image Credit: Typeface

Typeface, a generative AI content creation platform for Enterprises, today unveiled new features to help users adapt and enhance visual assets for any purpose. These capabilities allow effortless image transformations and content repurposing to align with the evolving creative needs of marketing teams.

The main feature from today's announcement, Generative Extend, allows users to use AI to intelligently expand images beyond their original borders, predicting surrounding elements that maintain the style and details of the original photo.

The announcement comes just hours after Adobe launched a similar feature earlier today called Generative Expand for Photoshop that leverages FireFly technology to allow users to alter any image's dimensions using the Crop tool.

Typeface makes it easy to adjust aspect ratios, complete images, and enhance backgrounds without compromising quality. However, unlike Adobe's offering which allows freeform expanding, Typeface currently only enables resizing to preset dimensions.

Another new feature from Typeface is the ability to generate images up to 1024x1024 pixels and upscale them to a 2k resolution. This ensures brand logos, text, and other intricate details are crisp and clear across channels. Visual assets can be tailored to meet specific campaign or platform requirements while preserving brand integrity.

Rounding out the updates are new LinkedIn and Twitter templates. These make repurposing blogs, emails, and other content for social platforms seamless. Just input your goal and campaign details, and Typeface's AI generates optimized draft posts for each social media platform.

Typeface's new features give marketing and creative teams advanced, easy-to-use resources to adapt content and stimulate ideas while maintaining brand integrity across channels. Access to the platform is still limited to select users, however interested companies can sign up for the waitlist.

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