What if AI powered Geico's marketing?

What if AI powered Geico's marketing?
Credit: AI artwork by Chris McKay

As a marketer, staying ahead of the curve and utilizing the latest technology is essential to success. The rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney has opened up a world of possibilities for marketers looking to take their campaigns to the next level. In this blog post, we’ll use Geico as a case study and I'll show you how easy it is to use generative AI tools to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Let's reimagine the Geico brand to better connect with a younger, more tech-savvy audience!

Create a new Mascot

Martin, the gecko is great! He first appeared on August 1, 2000 and quickly became an icon.

Geico is known for its quirky and memorable mascots, from the gecko to the caveman. First, let's hire ChatGPT as a marketing guru to come up with a new mascot idea with a fresh backstory—including personality traits, interests, and hobbies.

A response from ChatGPT

ChatGPT suggests extending the Geico's mascot family

Visualize Mina with Midjourney

Next, we'll use Midjourney to bring Mina to life. Midjourney will help teams to quickly brainstorm ideas and create early concept art to be used on new marketing collateral. Check this out!

Hi, I'm Mina!

Generate campaign ideas

Now that we have Mina's backstory and early concept art, let's use ChatGPT to brainstorm campaign ideas.

ChatGPT generated three campaign ideas for Geico's new mascot

These are great! Let's quickly use Midjourney to get some visuals.

Mina's Tech Hacks

Mina's Adventures

Mina's Simplify Life Series

Social media calendar

Once the campaigns are developed, we'll use ChatGPT to create a social media content calendar and draft some Twitter posts. This will ensure that the team has a steady stream of content that resonates with their audience.

Social media content calendar generated by ChatGPT

New marketing slogan

Finally, we'll come up with a new, memorable catchphrase for Mina.

New slogan ideas proposed by ChatGPT

Geico's new mascot and tagline

Generative AI in marketing

Aside from these use cases, generative AI like ChatGPT and Midjourney can help with a variety of other marketing tasks, such as:

  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy development
  • Data analysis
  • Content development
  • Email campaigns
  • Content optimization

By leveraging generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, marketing teams can streamline their processes, generate fresh ideas, and create content that resonates with their target audience. You should consider incorporating them into their strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

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